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At Obras y Sistemas we are committed with the environment and sustainable development . We provide quality solutions in sustainable construction for all stages of the project. We have a team of professionals and advisers with extensive experience in LEED "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" certifications in a diversity of projects.


To achieve objectives of LEED certifications , we maintain a commitment of rigorous selection of materials, construction processes and engineering development to improve the environmental performance of buildings, comfort, health of their future occupants and reduction of the environmental footprint, in both the construction process and future operation and maintenance of the building.

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Sustainable sites

Water management

Energy and atmosphere

Materials and Resources

Indoor environment

We work to reduce the environmental impact day by day. Taking into account each stage of construction, taking care of the processes and adapting them to the current regulations that are set to take care of the environment.

We are aware of the ecological footprint that we generate, and that is why we implement the necessary care so that transport, the execution of works and the use of materials generate the least possible impact, creating sustainable construction from start to finish. .

We are constantly searching for new ways to take care of the environment in the development of our works. Every day we evolve towards a more sustainable way of building.

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